Hi, my name is Xavier and I like to party.

It almost makes me wanna take things seriously all the time but then I’m like "Boobs fart boobs whatever."


Poulin…back to the line…Fortino, no shot…Johnston…back to Fortino…Fortino, holding puck…down low…shot…scores! It’s Poulin again! Canada wins gold in overtime!

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"Dan, you’re like the closest person I’ve ever met to the guy in America Psycho. And I think you might think that that’s a compliment, but that’s just because a part of your brain is missing.” 

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get to know me meme: [5/8] relationships  april ludgate & andy dwyer
I guess I kind of hate most things. But I never really seem to hate you. So I want to spend the rest of my life with you, is that cool?